Meet Anna Swannie aka Princess Leia, current President at The North Ridge.

Anna said, “I have always been drawn to Princess Leia’s strength. She’s been a hero of mine for as long as I can remember.” After spending time with Anna, I can say with certainty she has Leia’s grace and dignity, a sense of fairness that she uses to lead and mentor.

Anna met founding members of The North Ridge, Janice and Larry Tetewsky at a Best Buy event supporting the release of the original series on DVD the rest is history. She joined North Ridge in 2011.

Her favorite movie is “Empire Strikes Back”. Her favorite Star Wars Night at the Bisons was in 2017. The North Ridge honored Carrie Fisher.

Aside from cosplaying Princess Leia, Anna mentors new members. She has posted tutorials for recreating Princess Leia’s signature buns. She is quick to help with costumes. Always has wise advice. She is as modest and kind as she is beautiful.
In 2014 she brought her two boys into The North Ridge, they portrayed 2 of the younglings on Star Wars Night that year. They have carried on Anna’s legacy of kindness and mentoring. She was proud to say, “They wrote the treatments for Star Wars Night 2023 and 2024.

Come meet The North Ridge’s very own Princess Leia, I mean Anna, at this year’s Bison’s Star Wars Night on Saturday, May 25th! Don’t be surprised if she is undercover as an X-wing fighter or Imperial Officer. She wears many hats.

May the Force always be with you!

Stay tuned for next month’s member spotlight!