Meet Chris Solecki aka Darth Vader, one of the founding members of The North Ridge.

Chris said, “Growing up, I watched a ton of movies. It fueled my interest in special effects. I researched how an effect was created and the secrets to making movie magic” From there Chris began creating costumes from his favorite fandoms, Darth Vader, whom he would become known for in NR, Boba Fett, Paul Stanley, the Terminator, Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13 the )

Chris has been a Star Wars fan since he was a little boy. Growing up his dad would often quote “Do or Do Not” to motivate him. Chris says, “That quote stuck with me so much that it was a no-brainer to pick as my senior quote in my high-school yearbook”

“When I founded The North Ridge, I found I could use my love of Star Wars to help others and spread the love of the fandom.”

Chris chose Vader because he is one of the most iconic villains in cinematic history. He related to the character on a personal level. Vader lives in constant pain stuck in a suit of heavy machines to survive. Chris was born with a birth defect that affected how he walked, moved and even slept. Chris said, “He has had his own Vader rebuild moment with titanium and ceramic to remedy my issues”.

After going through his own personal struggles, Chris knew it was time to perfect his Vader cosplay. He started off using a fan-made Vader suit and slowly gathered parts and pieces to create the perfect Vader. Chris said, “It took him 7 years to finally build the costume he wanted” It is the Darth Vader the audience sees at various charity events, and of course, Star Wars Night at the Bisons.

Come meet Darth Vader, I mean Chris, at this year’s Bison’s Star Wars Night on Saturday, May 25th!

May the Force always be with you!

Stay tuned for next month’s member spotlight!